TL;DR in Bullet Points

  • Importance of CRM Documentation: Meticulously document every note and action in your CRM pipeline.
  • Leadership Insight: Provides leadership with a real-time view of activities for better decisions and streamlined processes.
  • Focus Beyond Initial Pitch: Maintain disciplined follow-through with detailed note-taking and accurate task projection.
  • Value of Clarity: Offer potential buyers clarity by addressing their unspoken questions, insights, and concerns.
  • Mid-Funnel Attention: Shift focus to the middle of the funnel, understanding each deal’s progress, rather than relying on hope.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Ensure the customer remains central to your attention throughout the deal process.
  • Winning Strategy: Log every note and action to keep your team aligned and improve service quality.
  • Result: Consistent victories and enhanced revenue operations through disciplined CRM usage.


In the dynamic world of sales, one actionable strategy stands out to enhance your sales funnel and revenue operations: meticulously documenting every note and action in your CRM pipeline. This simple yet profound practice ensures that leadership has a real-time view of your activities, paving the way for more informed decisions and streamlined processes.

The initial pitch holds significance, but the real magic lies in maintaining a disciplined approach throughout the prolonged conversation. Our Zoom meetings might capture the essence of our sales efforts, but they merely glorify the surface. The true essence of a deal’s success lies in detailed note-taking, accurate task projection, and a nuanced understanding of each opportunity, all of which must be transparently communicated within your CRM.

The true value you offer as a revenue leader is clarity. This clarity, especially critical for the potential buyer, addresses their unspoken questions, insights, and concerns. By precisely referencing opportunities and maintaining complete transparency in your reporting, you ensure immediate and effective communication with your prospective clients.

In my extensive experience with top and mid-funnel companies, I’ve observed a common trend: a disproportionate focus on the top of the funnel, with a hope-based approach to deal closures. Hope, however, is not a strategy. The middle of the funnel demands strategic attention.

Here’s the exciting part: the solution lies in redirecting your energy towards closing deals. Surprisingly, this shift isn’t primarily about handling objections or price negotiations. It revolves around a meticulous understanding of each deal’s progress and ensuring the customer remains at the heart of your attention.

Countless pipelines reveal a glaring lack of insight into the deal’s progress. Conversely, high-performing sales teams exhibit an unwavering commitment to understanding every facet of the deal, ensuring the customer receives unparalleled service.

In the game of sales, there’s one winning play you need to make today: log every note and action in your CRM pipeline. This ensures that leadership has a front-row seat to your activities, setting the stage for more strategic and effective operations.

The pitch may set the play in motion, but it’s the prolonged, disciplined follow-through that scores the points. While we may highlight our Zoom calls and pitch meetings, the real victories are won through detailed note-taking and clear communication within your CRM. This is where deals are truly made.

As a revenue leader, your real MVP move is providing clarity on every opportunity. Your potential buyers have questions, insights, and concerns that aren’t always voiced. By meticulously documenting and transparently reporting every detail, you facilitate immediate, effective communication with your prospects.

In my playbook, having coached numerous top and mid-funnel teams, one thing is clear: too many players focus 90% of their energy on the top of the funnel, hoping the deal will close itself. But hope isn’t a strategy; you need to play smart in the middle of the funnel.

The thrilling news? There’s a solution. Focus your energy on bringing deals to a close. Interestingly, this isn’t about objection handling or pricing strategies. It’s about thoroughly understanding what’s happening inside each deal.

I’ve reviewed many pipelines and seen a glaring lack of insight. But the winning teams? They’re committed to understanding every detail of their deals, ensuring the customer is always the star player, receiving the highest level of service.

To wrap it up, the winning strategy for today is clear: document everything in your CRM. This not only keeps your team aligned but also enhances the quality of service, driving better results on the scoreboard. Now, go out there and make those notes count!