A Sales Leadership Guide from Mount Sterling, Kentucky

Hello from Mount Sterling, Kentucky! It’s Tim Savage here from Net New Solutions, just taking a moment between sips of my favorite local coffee and pondering the bigger picture while enjoying the smaller joys of life. Let me share a simple yet profound mantra that guides my day-to-day sales strategy: Act small, think big.

It’s the Little Things

Nestled here in a town where I can point out my favorite spots from my favorite coffee shop to the bookstore where I pick up my reads, life reminds me daily that big successes are built on small foundations. Every significant achievement in sales starts with meticulous attention to the nitty-gritty—the calls, the emails, the time blocks, the data. These aren’t just tasks; they are the cogs in the machine of success.

Building Your Sales Rig

Consider the setup I use to create content—a combination of an A7iii camera, a trusty shotgun mic, and a C-level tripod, among other gadgets. It took time to assemble this rig, piece by piece, mirroring how a robust sales strategy comes together. Each piece serves a purpose, contributing to a greater whole. In sales, it’s about aligning these tools and tasks to craft messages that resonate and drive results.

From Coffee to Conversions

Imagine sitting over a cup of coffee, brainstorming your next big move—this is where the magic begins. It’s in these moments of quiet contemplation or casual conversation that the big ideas often strike. It’s about taking those small, specific pieces of your daily routine and piecing them together to see the bigger picture. How will your day-to-day actions culminate in the overarching goals of your business?

The Six-Win Strategy

I always encourage my teams to aim for six wins a day. Not just moving the needle but really pushing each opportunity forward significantly. It’s not about just booking demos; it’s about making meaningful progress in every interaction. This focused approach ensures that every small step is purposeful and impactful.

Small Acts, Big Impact

So, whether it’s a casual visit to the local pizza place or a strategic sales call, remember, every small interaction is a building block to a larger goal. And while I absolutely love pizza (who doesn’t?), it serves as a delicious metaphor for assembling the perfect combination of ingredients for success.

To my fellow sales leaders, remember: the power of thinking big lies in your ability to focus on and master the small. Here in Mount Sterling, we might be a small dot on the map, but our dreams and executions are as big as they come.

For anyone passing through Mount Sterling, don’t hesitate to drop by and say hello. Until then, keep focusing on those small yet significant actions that pave the path to your big wins. Stay safe and keep selling!

Tim Savage – Net New Solutions

This little slice of life from Kentucky isn’t just about keeping things quaint; it’s a potent reminder of how grounding yourself in the minutiae prepares you for monumental successes. Here’s to making every small act count towards your grand vision in the sales world!