90-Day Scope of Work – Net New Solutions


To optimize and expand the email outreach and lead generation process, increasing engagement and driving conversions. Additionally, to manage calling activities, pipeline reporting, and KPI attainment to track daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly opportunities, wins, and projections. This plan also includes enterprise deal support and mid-funnel optimization to re-engage stalled accounts and drive them towards commitment.

Phase 1: Setup and Initial Implementation (Days 1-30)

Integration and Configuration

  • Establish systems for streamlined calling and outreach cadences.
  • Configure domains and email addresses for secure and scalable email sending.
  • Ensure seamless data flow between outreach and CRM systems.

Domain and Email Setup

  • Register and configure multiple domains and email addresses.
  • Implement a system to safely and efficiently send a high volume of emails daily.

Outbound Email Process Setup

  • Develop and configure a comprehensive outbound email process.
  • Set up templates and sequences for automated email campaigns.
  • Enable robust tracking and analytics for email performance.

Develop Email Campaigns

  • Create and design initial email templates for outreach.
  • Load the target list into the outreach system.
  • Customize messaging to align with specific representatives and targets.


  • Train the sales team on using the new outreach systems and processes.
  • Conduct sessions on best practices for email outreach, follow-ups, call management, and partnership outreach.

Pipeline Management Setup

  • Define KPIs for pipeline management, including daily calls, email responses, booked demos, and closed deals.
  • Set up dashboards to track these KPIs.

Phase 2: Execution and Monitoring (Days 31-60)

Launch Email Campaigns

  • Begin sending out initial email campaigns.
  • Track opens, clicks, and responses through the CRM system.

Outbound Calling and Follow-ups

  • Sales team to call a significant number of prospects daily, focusing on those who engage with emails to increase booking rates.

LinkedIn Cadence

  • Implement outreach cadences through LinkedIn.
  • Follow up with prospects who engage with email content.

Performance Monitoring

  • Monitor KPIs such as open rates, click-through rates, and response rates.
  • Adjust email content and strategies based on performance data.

Daily Standups and Reporting

  • Conduct daily standups with the sales team to review activities, challenges, and successes.
  • Report daily on the number of calls made, emails sent, responses received, and demos booked.

Weekly and Monthly Reporting

  • Weekly: Summarize key metrics, including open rates, call conversion rates, and pipeline progress. Conduct pipeline reviews to assess progress against goals and quotas.
  • Monthly: Provide comprehensive reports on overall performance, highlighting opportunities, wins, and projections relative to monthly goals and quotas.

Calling Management

  • Track call activities through the CRM system.
  • Ensure follow-up calls are logged and outcomes recorded.
  • Provide feedback to the team based on call performance data.

Partnership Outreach and Follow-up Process

  • Identify potential partners for outreach.
  • Develop outreach templates and sequences tailored to partnership prospects.
  • Implement follow-up strategies to nurture partner relationships.
  • Track partnership engagement through the CRM system.

Phase 3: Optimization and Scaling (Days 61-90)

Scale Email Outreach

  • Expand the number of domains and email addresses as needed to increase outreach volume.
  • Continue to send targeted emails and monitor their performance.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

  • Utilize the CRM system to track detailed engagement metrics.
  • Generate daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports on email performance, call activities, and sales pipeline.

Regular Communication and Feedback

  • Hold daily standups to discuss progress, challenges, and successes.
  • Implement feedback from sales reps to refine email templates and outreach strategies.
  • Conduct weekly pipeline reviews to evaluate performance against goals and quotas.

Pipeline Management and KPI Attainment

  • Continuously monitor pipeline health through KPIs.
  • Adjust strategies based on real-time data from daily interactions.
  • Focus on converting leads into opportunities and closing deals.

Mid-Funnel Optimization

  • Identify accounts that have stopped communicating or show low participation in trials.
  • Develop targeted re-engagement strategies, including personalized emails, calls, and LinkedIn messages.
  • Drive these accounts towards renewed activity in the trial and commitment stages.

Enterprise Deal Support

  • Provide tailored support for enterprise deals, including personalized communication strategies and high-touch follow-ups.
  • Collaborate with the sales team to develop customized value propositions and proposals for enterprise clients.
  • Track progress and engagement of enterprise accounts separately to ensure focused attention and resource allocation.

KPI Evaluation and Adjustments

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of KPIs such as the number of booked demos, partner deals, and daily sales activities.
  • Adjust strategies based on the analysis of daily metrics and outcomes.

Partnership Outreach KPIs

  • Track the number of partnership outreach emails sent, responses received, and partnerships established.
  • Set specific KPIs for partnership outreach and follow-up activities.
  • Report on partnership progress in daily standups and weekly reviews.


Day 30:

  • Fully configured outreach systems, outbound email process, trained sales team, and initial pipeline management setup.

Day 60:

  • Initial email campaign results, performance analysis, daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

Day 90:

  • Comprehensive report on email outreach performance, calling activities, sales pipeline, mid-funnel optimization efforts, enterprise deal support, partnership outreach, and recommendations for continued optimization.


  • Daily: Reports on calls made, emails sent, responses received, and demos booked.
  • Weekly: Summarized key metrics, including open rates, call conversion rates, and pipeline progress. Includes pipeline review with sales leadership.
  • Monthly: Comprehensive reports on overall performance, highlighting opportunities, wins, and projections relative to monthly goals and quotas.
  • Quarterly: Detailed reports comparing quarterly performance to projected goals and quotas, with strategic recommendations for the next quarter.
  • Daily Standups: Regular meetings to review activities, challenges, and successes.
  • Partnership Reporting: Tracking engagement and outcomes from partnership outreach efforts.
  • KPI Reporting and Projection: Regular updates and analysis of KPIs to monitor progress and adjust strategies as needed.


By the end of the 90 days, the goal is to have a robust, scalable email outreach system in place, leading to increased engagement, improved demo booking rates, and enhanced overall sales performance. Additionally, effective calling management, partnership outreach, enterprise deal support, mid-funnel optimization, and pipeline reporting will ensure that opportunities, wins, and projections are accurately tracked and communicated, driving strategic decision-making and continued growth. Daily standups, weekly pipeline reviews, and comprehensive reporting will ensure alignment with projected goals and quotas.

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