Enhancing Outbound Sales Campaigns with the Strategic Use of Voicemails

For sales professionals and leaders aiming to create more holistic outbound campaigns, integrating voicemails can significantly amplify your efforts. While digital communication dominates much of today’s sales processes, the personal touch of a voicemail can set your outreach apart, offering unique advantages that enhance engagement and response rates.

The Strategic Power of Sales Voicemails

One crucial aspect of a successful voicemail is its ability to reinforce other forms of communication, such as emails and LinkedIn messages. Voicemails add a layer of personalization and urgency, often prompting the recipient to revisit other messages they might have overlooked.

Voicemail as a Catalyst

When you reference an email or a LinkedIn message in your voicemail, it prompts the recipient to check their inbox for something they might have missed. This strategy utilizes a psychological trigger: the reminder or suggestion of an email nudges the recipient to consider whether they have seen your message, reducing their instinctive resistance to new information and increasing their curiosity.

Delivering Value in Brief

A concise value proposition is essential in a voicemail. Quickly articulate what’s in it for them—whether it’s a premium opportunity or a consultation that adds value to their business. Mention that you’ve sent an email with more details, which encourages them to look up your contact information actively. This technique ensures your message is not just heard but acted upon.

Contact Information Tips

While leaving contact information, emphasize your email since most people won’t jot down a phone number on the fly. They are more likely to return a call using their missed call log or look up an email in their inbox. This strategy aligns with modern communication habits and maximizes the chances of a response.

Real-World Impact of Persistent Voicemail Outreach

Consistency in leaving voicemails can build a narrative over time. For example, after a year and a half of regular voicemails, a prospect responded to a LinkedIn post because the accumulated messages had kept the salesperson’s value proposition top of mind. This story illustrates how voicemails serve as “tent poles” supporting the broader structure of your ongoing communication efforts. They maintain a presence in the recipient’s mind, often subconsciously nudging them towards engagement.

Efficiency with Technology

Today’s technology enhances the efficiency of leaving voicemails. Many CRM systems and sales engagement platforms allow you to record and drop voicemails automatically, enabling you to reach a larger scale without losing the personal touch.


Incorporating voicemails into your outbound sales campaigns can transform your strategy from good to great. They reinforce your written messages, increase the personability of your communication, and keep you memorable in a competitive marketplace. As we continue to navigate a world where digital communication is the norm, remember that a personal voice can still make a significant impact. Let voicemails be a part of your holistic approach to outbound sales, and watch as your engagement rates climb.