Training: Optimizing Outbound for Teams – Apollo & Salesforce

Sales Leader 10 Day Training Schedule

Optimizing Outbound Sales for Technology Integration and Data-Driven Strategies

Welcome to our specialized 10-session training program, specifically designed for sales leaders aiming to optimize outbound sales activities through the strategic use of Salesforce and Apollo. This training focuses on enhancing your abilities in calling, sequence management, LinkedIn prospecting, and leveraging additional tools to support these processes effectively.

Training Overview: This month-long training consists of 10 one-hour sessions that dive deep into practical applications and strategies for effectively managing and improving your sales team’s output, specifically focusing on the mid-funnel activities such as sales projecting, demo booking, and maintaining active prospect engagement.

Detailed Session Breakdown:

Week 1 & 2: Building Foundation and Strategy (1-hour each session)

  1. Session 1: Salesforce and Apollo Integration – Action: Assess current integration and optimize for streamlined operations.
  2. Session 2: Enhancing Calling Techniques – Action: Develop and refine calling strategies using Salesforce to track and increase efficiency.
  3. Session 3: Mastering Email Sequences in Apollo – Action: Design and implement powerful email sequences that engage and move prospects through the sales funnel.
  4. Session 4: Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for Sales Leaders – Action: Employ advanced techniques for LinkedIn prospecting that align with Salesforce and Apollo data insights.
  5. Session 5: Utilizing Tools for Sales Projection – Action: Introduce tools that enhance forecasting accuracy and project sales outcomes effectively.

Week 3: Implementation and Real-Time Adjustments 6. Session 6: Optimizing Mid-Funnel Engagement – Action: Focus on strategies to enhance demo booking rates and maintain active engagement in the sales funnel.

  1. Session 7: Review and Adjustment of Calling Strategies – Action: Analyze and refine calling techniques based on real-time data and feedback.
  2. Session 8: Email Sequence Refinement – Action: Adjust and optimize ongoing email campaigns in Apollo for higher conversion rates.
  3. Session 9: LinkedIn Outreach and Engagement Analysis – Action: Critique and enhance LinkedIn prospecting methods to ensure alignment with overall sales strategies.

Week 4: Mastery and Forward Planning 10. Session 10: Strategic Review and Future Planning – Action: Consolidate learning, review progress towards goals, and plan for continuous improvement in outbound strategies.

Conclusion: This focused training program for sales leaders is designed to not only provide a thorough understanding of integrating and optimizing Salesforce and Apollo but also to empower you with advanced techniques in calling, emailing, and LinkedIn prospecting. By targeting key outcomes like sales projecting, demo booking, and active prospect activity, you will be equipped to dramatically enhance your team’s productivity and effectiveness. This structured approach ensures that you leave the training ready to implement strategies that will drive measurable growth in your outbound sales efforts.